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2016 Survey Results

There is a general perception that the events run by Norwich Pagan Moot are poorly attended and poorly promoted. Promotion has, indeed, come to concentrate on a FaceBook presence. There is a risk of retrenchment, given diminishing attendance figures, yet the Pagan community is dynamic and growing, and the positive public profile of Paganism has never been higher.

The events consist of two kinds, social Moots and a programme of talks, walks and workshops. There are two social Moots, a Pub Moot on the first Wednesday of each month, at the Coach and Horses on Bethel Street, and a daytime Coffee Moot on the fourth Saturday at the Forum, both in Norwich City Centre. The talks and workshops are held on the third Sunday at the Belvedere Centre on Belvoir Street, a little outside the city centre. Sometimes these are replaced with a walk (summer) or even a public ritual (Yule).

Since September, promotion has been stepped up with paper fliers, posters and ‘what’s on’ lists, and the web-site ( resurrected. This survey was conceived as a way to find out what the community would like to see from the Moot, particularly in terms of the talks, walks and workshops, which are the events requiring specific organisational effort.

You can download a pdf of the full survey report here.