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Hello, and welcome to the Norwich Pagan Moot website.

Moots exist all over the UK to provide social and educational gatherings for Pagans and people following similar spiritual paths.

We also welcome those who are just curious and indeed non pagans, providing they respect our beliefs when attending our events. We are an open organisation and do not discriminate on grounds of belief, gender, disability, race or sexuality. Our events are public and open to all.

Originally, the moot was a monthly meeting at a Norwich pub so that Pagans, many of whom may have felt isolation at treading a lonely path, could meet for a drink and a chat.

Over the years this has developed to provide other opportunities for those in our community including talks and workshops. If you would like to know what events are coming up soon please click on “Events.” You are welcome to come and meet us at any of our gatherings.

New Season: New Look Moot


The pub moot, on the first Wednesday of each month, at the Coach and Horses, Bethel Street, will continue as usual, as will the rapidly-growing coffee moot at the Forum on the fourth Saturday of each month. There will also be a talk, workshop or walk on third Sundays.

New Ideas

However, we hope to introduce a lot more activities, including more open rituals (following the popularity of Twelfth Night), more interactive events, a book group every other month and a pop-up museum of magical items.

Co-operation with Norwich Pagan Sphere

The Moot will now be working in co-operation with Norwich Pagan Sphere, which has over 20 years’ experience of running events and training courses, and owns the Ickeny Collection of magical items (East Anglian Museum of Magic and Mythology).


Most Pagans appreciate a shopping opportunity and there are many talented craftspeople out there. So, we will be giving people who make their own, handcrafted items, the opportunity to have a stall at some of our events. If anyone is interested in having a stall, for just £5 donation to Moot funds, please contact Annette. You can PM her on Facebook or ring her at home on 01603 749231. There will also be herbs, spices and resins available for purchase at talks and workshops. If there are any particular (legal) herbs you need, PM Val or ring her on 01603 666260.


We will keep you informed about what is going on through the website, the Facebook page and printed flyers which will be handed out at events and available at various locations around the city.

Contact Us

We aim to make the moot as friendly, welcoming and supportive as possible. So please feel free to contact us via the contact form on the website or by PM on Facebook if you have any questions, ideas or things you would like to talk about. If you prefer you can ring Annette on 01603 749231 or Chris and Val on 01603 667314.

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